Alone Yet Not Alone

About The Author

Tracy Leininger Craven

Tracy Leininger Craven loves history and retelling real-life stories in her historical fiction books. She also loves spending her free time in the outdoors with her husband, David, and their four children.


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A Note From The Author

My Grandmother Leininger first told me the story of Barbara and Regina after coming across the account while studying our families history. That was years ago, yet the story continues to make a strong impression on my heart, impacting and inspiring to this day.

My first draft of Alone Yet Not Alone was written when I was nine years old. Of course, the content has changed dramatically since that time but one thing that has never changed -- the picture of two young sisters torn from family during their tender years. Despite all obstacles, they do not forsake their faith in Jesus Christ and never "lose the song of their heart".

It is my prayer that those who read this book will be encouraged to run the race of life with undaunted faith and endurance, drawing strength from the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.